Skull Daddy

Skull Daddy 1.0

Roll the skull home in these physics based puzzles


  • Interesting puzzles
  • Original atmosphere
  • Low requirements


  • Occasionally level reset doesn't work
  • No soundtrack


So called Physics-based puzzle games are very much in vogue, but so far they don't feel old. There's something pleasantly childish about them, which makes a nice change from muscle bound men with guns.

Skull Daddy is a very slightly macabre puzzle game. It's only dark in the sense it features a rolling skull, which is never explained. All you know is that there is a skull which rolls when clicked, and it's your job to create a route for the rolling skull, so it can reach the exit on every level.

The graphics have a lovely paper cut out feel to the, and moving objects around to create your skull route is really easy. Every level has a limited itinerary of objects for you to build with, and you simply drag them around with the mouse, leaving them wherever you want.

The puzzles in this preliminary demo aren't too hard - there are multiple ways to solve some levels, so there is space for creativity. The gameplay always feel fair, and it's satisfying to complete the game. The skull has a bit of it's own momentum, which takes some getting used to - it doesn't just roll with gravity.

Skull Daddy is a strange concept, but well executed and puzzle fans will love it

Skull Daddy


Skull Daddy 1.0

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